Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye - it's been fun!

I was hoping to be able to finish the requisite fifteen, but alas, I find other demands on my time. I leave for vacation tomorrow, starting with my first face to face LIVE Poetry workshop in Taos, N.M.! I am busily polishing a few poems to have eviscerated there - a couple rejections *sob* I just had kicked back to me from Fifth Wednesday Journal and a couple NaPo poems I am still revising - down to the wire, it is! I cannot wait to see what pearls of wisdom come from this.

It has been fun. Thanks for hosting, Featherless! Any of you on Facebook? Jee and I are.


  1. Have a great holiday. You probably did better than anyone w/ your number of postings anyway. The dropout rate has been large. But I'm not worried about the magic number for myself either, its the learning curve and journey thats been fun and thats the important thing for me. And getting to know some of y'all better. I do have facebook, Im terrible at getting to it though, and pretty much have to get an email cue to open it.

  2. Hi Laurie-

    I'm psyched for you to be going to a poetry workshop, I hope it goes well for you. I'm looking into finding the same type of thing in my area.

    It's been great learning about Daniels through your synopses and insightful observations. I've read every one of your write ups and you have given me much food for thought. Hopefully I will get to formulate some comments. I feel like people really gave a lot to analyzing the work of their chosen poets. I set my bar a little too high to keep writing so intensely as I have with Siken's work, but maybe I will get one more reading done here, we'll see.

    Anyhow, have a great time and it's been cool hanging here this month with you!


  3. Thanks for playing! Daniels is a bit outside my comfort zone, but I'm really glad you encouraged me to read her work.

    Have a fabulous workshop! Also, I share with you the following approach to rejection letters, which I've found really helpful. Pick a treat you really like: a fancy dessert or drink. Decide on a number of rejection letters, and when you get that number, you get to have a treat. Works well if you play with a friend; then you can use them as coupons to get the other person to buy you a treat.

  4. Rachael, you are such a funny duck. That is such a convoluted, anal retentive, yet highly creative, err, system for dealing w/ rejection slips. The coupon part esp., hah. I think that may have been the highlight of my otherwise crappy day.

  5. Oh, actually I bitch, piss and moan when I get rejection letters. And threaten to quit poetry. The pissy thing was, one of the poems that was rejected was posted in the Gaz, LOVED by John Boddie and the big guns there. One of the Editors suggested I send it to the place I sent it and it STILL got rejected. Was rejected at Rattle, too. Fortunately, for my continued efforts, I just got my first acceptance this week, as well. Two poems at Soundzine! So, I'm pretty pumped about that. Two of my poems from this past NaPo, too. So, I'm really happy. Especially since one was Candlelight, inspired by Emilio.

  6. Oh, actually I bitch, piss and moan when I get rejection letters.

    Well, this is also a sensible reaction. And less complicated, as Jeanne points out.

    Congrats on the Soundzine acceptance, that's awesome!