Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm curious if you are experiencing some technical difficulties, or maybe unaware that certain of us are. Every time I open the blog I get the same housekeeping post you posted well over a week ago as the first post. I have to scroll down to the home link to refresh the page to get the latest posts, that have actually been posted. This wasn't happening before? Things have gotten quiet in here, so if its happening to other posters, they would be thinking, no one's posted anything new in some time and maybe stop checking.



  1. Hey Jeanne, you're seeing the last post from June. Click on July and you will see the most recent posts.


  2. That would be another way to refresh to current posts, but hitting home does the same thing. I thought at first my pc was just caching to the last page I'd been at, but not weeks later. My point though, was that this wasn't happening before, and now it is, so have to ask if its a glitch?

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    I'm not having this problem. What browser are you using, and what URL appears when you try to go to the blog? (The URL should be in a little bar at the top of the window; it starts with the symbols http:// ) This URL brings up the latest post for me, on both Safari and Firefox.


    (It sounds like that URL must be working for you, since it's where the "Home" link goes.) This URL, though, will get you June archive.


    Lots of browsers have some method for automatically saving your favourite pages (sometimes this is called "top pages"). If you've clicked on the June archive more often than you've clicked on the homepage, then your browser thinks you want to go to the June archive. You can get around this problem by bookmarking the home page and using your bookmark to visit the blog, or by clicking on "Home" when you get here, or by clicking on the big yellowy thing at the top that says "National Poetry Reading Month, 2011" when you get here. There's usually some way of messing with the "top pages" setting as well; this is different for every browser, but Google is full of answers about this stuff.

    It's probably been happening before, and just started being visible now. In June, the newest post in the June archive is the same as the newest post in the July archive. In July, that's no longer the case.

    Featherless Biped

  4. Hmm, ok, I pasted the link you provided and saved it as a new bookmark(I use Firefox) and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks.