Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Sandalwood Horse

Alas, not online.

This is a wonderful Engrish poem that immediately made me think of Jane. The message is "we would like to sell you a three-inch tall carved sandalwood horse". The voice is one that does not speak English as a native language, and perhaps one that is not interested in being terribly pedantic about its advertising copy.

The speaker starts off by letting you know that sandalwood is a good material to make things out of:
There are in world, many kinds of sandalwood, like white
and black...
.... It will avoid all types insect,
so keep happiness and luck safe.
Then, on to the horse, which
is best work of art and worth to collect and appreciate.
Griffiths uses repetition to hilarious effect:
We know
you may like the likeness of this horse which is 3 inches
rearing lifelike.
And it all ends on an optimistic note.
We hope to ship you horse or other sandalwood thing.

Griffiths was evidently a woman of many voices. I thought this one was pitch-perfect.

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