Sunday, June 26, 2011

Announcement: Travel and Comments

I'm getting on a plane for a conference the US this morning. (Yikes, should've announced something sooner.) I will be checking in at the Sydney airport in about 6 hours, and then I will be out of commission for a day or so. I will not have much energy to be very lively for the next week or so, but I'll be keeping up my moderating responsibilities, and hopefully my posting responsibilities too.

Suzanne's computer is doing some horrid thing with her cookies, which prevents her from commenting. I have not yet had to zap a single comment (the Internet does not notice that we exist, particularly), so I am going to enable anonymous commenting until the issue is resolved, or until I discover myself having to zap invaders.


  1. Suzanne's pc is doing what w/ her cookies? I'd love to have something doing anything w/ my cookies, but I digress. Even though cookie tampering does sound more marvelous than horrid (to my debauched mind, hehe), that may explain why I tried repeatedly to comment to threads other night and could not. I don't think its a pc cookie issue, seeing as how there is two of us.

    Bonne voyage, let the Feathers fly!

  2. Ok, after trying to post to this comment in vain, I took a good look around and noticed I wasn't signed in. so after doing so, well I can post again.

  3. Test test test test test.
    I like chocolate chip cookies.
    Featherless Biped out.