Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dean Young, Beloved Infidel

I've chosen Dean Young's, Beloved Infidel, one of his early books from the 90's that came back into print. He captured my eye in a Voyages Thread I commented to and I've since researched him a bit. So this gives me a great opportunity to be pushed to really read and analyze his work. I chose him because I love his unique style of stream of consciousness type sort of rants at times. They are meandering, yet always cohesive in the finale, and he says alot of deep shit whilst on one of his poetic ramblings. His language style is quite accessible, yet I usually have to read several times to really get it, which I actually enjoy doing. Some writers are absolutely frustrating in their obtusity, but I don't find that w/ him, so far, its always been worth the effort.

I also loved what he said here, this part esp., as I so totally relate in writing and sharing my own poetry to - "I can read it now nearly without cringing.":

"There’s a lot to be said for concentrating on accessibility and there’s a lot to say for not worrying about it. In Beloved Infidel I began to address matters of poetic construction that still occupy me, the use of collage, the expressive possibilities of disjunction and tonal variance as well as finding my way to my own form of surrealism. I can read it now nearly without cringing."


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