Monday, June 13, 2011

Kate Daniels - A Walk in Victoria's Secret

The author of this book of poetry is described as a "feminist" poet. I don't know how to describe her writing other than is from what little I read from excerpts I saw on the web a few months back, is I was utterly enthralled and this book has been on my wish list since. I ordered it yesterday and it is now on my brand spanking new Kindle. I can't wait to start! Her poems are mainly in prose from what I can tell so far. She blends Freud and sexy lingerie with early mother-child experiences, including breastfeeding, growing up, a white girl in the South and a unique take on all of it. It seems very readable, as well as the sort of thing you can't put down and then want to return to again and again to take in the subtleties of what you missed the first, second and third time around.

Now, I will hope I didn't screw this post up. Here is hoping for the best.

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