Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Walk in Victoria's Secret - The Pedicure

This is a poem, that while it had its moments, I felt those moments did not compensate for what was often an overwrought, overly fanciful, OTT, WTF? rendering of its subject. N is given a pedicure as a birthday gift from her husband. We get this

Perhaps it was for him, then, hoping to revive that long neglected (notice the purple ink?)/garden of our early love, that I ascended a seat as elevated/as a throne, on the morning of my 50th birthday,/at Womanly Illusions

from there, noting that a woman is then "crouched beneath me," N cringes at the subservience and is reminded of her mother and other members of her family taken brutal advantage of. Then we have

Yet here I was/with my sympathy for the workers, my love of Marx, my hatred/and fear of the bourgeoisie, the robber barons, the planter class,/all kings and queens, the Ferdinand and Imelda Marcoses, the Richard Nixons and George Bushes of the world. Here I was swooning/
(not too strong a word) at the pricey ministrations directed at my feet. Can you hear me gag?

And on and on. It was partially mitigated by a very frank and intimate portrait of her father massaging her mother's work worn feet.

I see him starting to massage them both,/uncrimping her toes, and threading his fingers in between/to excavate the sweaty, fragrant nits of hidden grime./Now, he is kneading her swollen soles until she groans and leans back, closing her eyes, as relaxed and open/as if she's lying there alone.

This is it. Wading through a lot of purple prose to get to this. Several pages. Even a good writer hits a clunker, sometimes.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    Agree with you that the passages you quote are royal purple. The indiscriminate linking of Ferdinand Marcos and George Bush is off-putting.

    Best, Jee