Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bronzed, Dean Young

I'm running out of online poems from Beloved Infidel until the book comes in, which is why I'm doing this one. For some reason, this one is everywhere, I guess someone likes it alot. Me, not so much. Its about the finite vs. the infinite. I found it too often nonsensicle and a bit precious in spots, the ending esp. A few good spots of note for me:

...The sea
seemingly a constant to the naked eye is one
long goodbye, perpetually the tide recedes,


all is temporary as a perfect haircut, a kitten
in the lap,...

This last bit is the small flash of brilliance I see in this particular poem. The perfect haircut vs. the haircut from hell, thank God they are both temporary. A kitten in the lap, that's the sum of a lovely temporary moment. As for the rest, mwah.

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